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Progress Monitoring

Progress monitoring

RM Drone images offers Progress monitoring services tailored to construction projects, delivering comprehensive visual insights from a variety of angles.  Utilizing cutting-edge technology, alongside handheld mirrorless cameras and 360 cameras, we capture detailed images and video, ranging from close-ups to wide-scale aerial views.

Our clients gain access to a holistic view of their construction projects, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize efficiency.  Our progress monitoring services provide the timely and accurate data needed to drive successful project outcomes.

aerial footage

get high quality (4K) still photos and videos of locations and/or events.  We fly premium quality drones and will capture images from virtually any angle.  


new artwork for personal or business use for brochures or social media.  video footage for your business or real estate to showcase your location on your website or social media platform.

capturing that moment from the sky Is what we want to provide for you.

Aerial Footage
Roof Imaging
roof pic.jpg

roof imaging

We understand dealing with roof issues can be stressful, but getting a roof imaging report shouldn't be.  without having to get on your roof, we will send a drone up to capture images for you.

our services include up close, high resolution, images of all roof obstructions and vents, along with an automated flight path of your entire roof.  We then process the images giving you measurements to help you budget material costs.


whether you are a home owner or roofing professional, have a residential or commercial roof, let us help you get those images you need without the anxiety of having someone on the roof.  

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from establishing a general grade of an area/corridor or creating detailed maps of every square foot, our drone mapping services will make it faster, safer and cost efficient to gather the data you need.

Our drones record data in challenging environments such as cliffs or remote areas that are surrounded by tough terrain, allowing your staff to safely review.  Such maps are used by energy companies, telecommunications and infrastructure construction and maintenance.

With our rapid aerial image capturing of high-resolution images we can create detailed 2D & 3D renderings of existing structures and landscapes using photogrammetry; a method of taking measurements using photographs.

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